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Active Membership
Active Membership shall be limited to licensed surgeons who are either eligible for certification in vascular surgery or certified by the American Board of Surgery or surgeons who have surgical certification equivalent to the American Board of Surgery. Applicants that are Board-eligible but not yet board certified must submit evidence of a completed accredited vascular residency training program via a letter of recommendation demonstrating satisfactory completion from his or her Program Director. Active Membership may also be granted to physicians who have been actively engaged in the practice of vascular surgery for two years or more after graduation and completion of general surgery residency training. Applicants for Active Membership who have not completed a certified vascular residency shall submit a list of vascular procedures performed the year prior to the application. The vascular procedures listed should include the operative results and complications. Active Members shall pay dues and shall be eligible to vote to and hold office.

Active Membership Application

Candidate Membership
Candidate Membership shall include residents enrolled in an accredited program of surgical education and/or vascular surgeons enrolled in a research or fellowship program acceptable to the Society. Candidate Membership will be appropriate until such time an individual meets the requirements for Active membership (as outlined above). Candidates who enrolled in specialized training programs in vascular surgery may apply directly for Active Membership in the Society upon completion of his or her residency training. Candidate Members shall pay an initiation fee but shall not be required to pay annual dues. Candidate members are not eligible to vote and are not eligible to hold office.

Candidate Membership Application

Upgrade to Active from Candidate Membership
Candidate Members achieving the requirements for Active Membership must upgrade to Active Membership by providing:

Applicants for Active and Candidate Membership shall be admitted following application to the Secretary, approval by the Membership Committee with ratification by a majority vote of Active Members attending the Annual Business Meeting.

The following supported documentation is needed in order to submit your application to membership: