49th Annual Symposium
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49th Annual Symposium 49th Annual Symposium

Registration and Hotel Reservations are available for the upcoming SCVS 49th Annual Symposium. The Preliminary Program will be online shortly.

Presidential Message President's Message
Spring 2021
Just over one year ago, under the direction of Past- President Dr. William D. Jordan, Jr., the Executive Council of the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery made the then unprecedented decision to cancel our 2020 Annual Symposium. Read more

COVERS and Why Vascular Surgery? COVERS and "Why Vascular Surgery?"
The SCVS is proud to be participating in the Coalition for Optimization of Vascular surgEry tRainees and Students (COVERS). This initiative focuses on vascular surgery recruitment strategies for medical students. Below is a recruitment video recently produced and shown during the 2021 SVS Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM) and was well received.

SCVS Statement SCVS Statement
The Executive Council of the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery is dismayed over the recent events involving our field by a publication in the Journal of Vascular Surgery. As the retracted study was initially presented at our Annual Symposium in 2019, we would like to clarify information regarding the Society’s process of abstract acceptance for presentation.

Scientific abstracts submitted to academic symposia are submitted in a brief format, and the authors are anonymous. Submitted abstracts are graded individually by members of a Program Committee. Abstracts are organized by clinical and educational topics, and those in each category which receive the highest mean scores by the Program Committee are generally accepted for presentation. The abstract submitted and accepted for presentation at our meeting did not have any mention of examining these issues based upon sex, gender, or swimwear. The abstract was accepted by a diverse program committee as part of a session focused on vascular surgery education. All members of the Program Committee felt that a presentation on possibly objectionable content in public social media profiles of vascular surgeons would in fact be a relevant educational topic for our audience.

The SCVS Program Committee accepted the abstract based upon its wording which provided no indication of the subsequent concerns regarding its methodology, bias or potential sexism that appeared in the manuscript reviewed and approved by the JVS. The SCVS had no role in the peer-review process of the manuscript nor in the decision to publish the manuscript. We support the decision to retract the publication in the final form and regret the subsequent events that were related to this abstract. As a Society we will continue to champion diversity in all forms, including women and underrepresented minorities on its Executive Council and in leadership positions.

The Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery pledges to oppose racism and hate to any underrepresented individuals through active allyship, continuous unlearning, learning, listening, and change.

SCVS Membership CMS - Call To Action
Dear Colleagues:

As you know, vascular surgery is under the threat of a proposed 7% cut in Medicare payment rates scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2021. The CMS is implementing drastic payment cuts to surgeons and other practitioners due to Medicare’s budget neutrality requirements that mandate spending offsets for the payment increases CMS is implementing for primary care office Evaluation and Management (E/M) visits. The apex of a pandemic is no time to make drastic cuts in payment for any physicians, particularly surgeons, many of whom contributed as first and second wave responders, and lost significant amounts of income from the prohibitions on elective procedures in the early days of COVID-19. We have only a short window of 6-8 weeks to stop these cuts from being implemented. Our most urgent priority is to get Congress to block these cuts and restore fairness to the fee schedule. Read more about how you can help.

SCVS Membership Important Update from the ACS Division of Advocacy and Health Policy
As you can imagine, the ACS Division of Advocacy and Health Policy’s (DAHP) has been working with federal and state lawmakers as they focus on responding to the coronavirus pandemic, and recent COVID-19 legislation included several ACS-supported advocacy priorities. Learn more about COVID-19 related advocacy efforts. To contact Congress about these and other important priorities, visit SurgeonsVoice. Read more.

SCVS Membership SCVS Membership
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