Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery
2007 Annual Symposium: President's Message

O. William Brown, SCVS President, 2007
O. William Brown, MD, JD
SCVS President, 2007

The SCVS attempts to address the needs of all practicing vascular surgeons whether they practice in a community setting or are members of a university faculty. Over the past years the needs of these two groups have continued to merge to the point that, with few exceptions, they are almost identical. Accordingly, the SCVS has attempted to expand its program to include topics which are of interest to all vascular surgeons who practice clinical medicine. This has led to the development of special programs including the young vascular surgeons group, women in vascular surgery, and post graduate courses that focus upon the problems and issues of the daily practice of vascular surgery.

Our field continues to mature. As a result, special topics including "turf wars" and the development of endovascular skills will be discussed at this year's meeting. Medical malpractice remains a significant concern for most vascular surgeons, and the SCVS is aggressively working on ways to eliminate "questionable" expert testimony. Vascular surgeons in the United States have come appreciate the special contributions that our colleagues from around the world have made to the field and the SCVS will again host an international symposium under the direction of Dr. Michel Makaroun. Dr. Tom Bower will organize our unique poster competition which will culminate in the award ceremony at the conclusion of the meeting.

Young Vascular Surgeons
Young Vascular Surgeons who have recently completed their training have special concerns as they embark upon their careers. The SCVS has established the Young Vascular Surgeons Group under the leadership, this year, of Dr. Audra Noel, to address these concerns and to encourage the active participation of young vascular surgeons in the workings of the Society. Members wishing to participate in the development of these programs should contact the Society offices.

Community Vascular Surgeons
These sessions have been created in an attempt to address the specific problems encountered by vascular surgeons practicing in small to midsized community hospitals. The role of the vascular laboratory for community based vascular surgeons and Dialysis Access/Angio Centers are two of the topics that will be discussed this year.

Lifestyle Management Issues
Dr. JoAnn Lohr will moderate this session which will examine the problem of developing a career and raising a family at the same time. In addition, maximizing productivity while at work and special issues concerning women in vascular surgery will also be discussed.

Post Graduate Courses
This year, the Post Graduate courses will focus upon "Imaging in Vascular Disease" as well new modalities in the "Strategies to Improve Care of the Vascular Patient". A specific session will address the issue of radiation safety for the vascular surgeon. A special review course concerning the key issues of the vascular laboratory will also be presented.

This year's meeting in Orlando is shaping up to be one of our most exciting and informative meetings. While the program is extensive, we have left time for our members and guests to enjoy Orlando. This will be a wonderful opportunity for vascular surgeons, young and "not so young", to learn what's new in vascular surgery and enjoy some time with their family and friends. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando in March.

Best regards,

O. William Brown, MD, JD
President, 2007

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