Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery
2005 Annual Symposium: President's Message

Peter F. Lawrence, M.D. SCVS President, 2005
Peter F. Lawrence, M.D.
SCVS President, 2005

The 2005 Annual Symposium of the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery was held on March 9 - 12 in Coral Gables, Florida.

There were several significant changes in the meeting structure leading to an even more valuable meeting.

  1. The length of the papers submitted were shortened to 8 minutes to provide more free time for discussion and to all more papers to be presented.
  2. All sessions had video presentations of procedures to illustrate techniques that are used by experienced vascular surgeons.
  3. There were simulator and skills training sessions in several areas including venous access and carotid stenting. Everyone who attended had the opportunity to train in new procedures that may be required at their hospitals.
  4. There were opportunity's to see all of the new products from industry through short industry presentations during the coffee breaks.

The fundamental mission of the SCVS remains:

  1. To focus on the education and training of clinicians who perform vascular surgery as a primary component of their practice.
  2. To bring cutting-edge technology to the practicing vascular surgeon.
  3. To hold the SCVS meetings in an atmosphere that is conducive to an optimal learning environment.
  4. To involve Vascular Fellows in all aspects of the meeting, including discussion and presentation of papers. Fellows are the future of our organization, and we would like them to consider the SCVS their most valued organization.
  5. To offer hands-on training courses in endovascular and new surgical procedures.
  6. To increase the number of presentations at the Annual Symposium related to surgical technique so that SCVS members have exposure to the technical aspects of difficult procedures.

Thank you to those who attended the Annual Symposium. We look forwarding to seeing you at our 2006 Annual Symposium at the Four Season, Las Vegas.

Peter F. Lawrence, M.D.
Past President, Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery

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